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Voglauer Furniture


Premium-class natural wooden furniture


natural wooden furniture

Everything we are is rooted in our origins.

In the mighty mountain landscape, in living nature. That's why our furniture is so compelling.

It's traditional, it's Alpine, it's authentic.

Our commitment

We do it like the trees. We have confidence in our roots.

Voglauer has been paying tribute to the raw material of wood for 90 years. We understand wood. We speak its language, we live wood every day. The small carpentry business has grown into an internationally successful company employing over 400 members of staff, and is known above all for the innovative way in which it interprets Alpine elements.


Our pieces of furniture are not cold designer objects. They are living core elements in every part of the home.

What inspires us

What we do and who we are is embedded in the Alps.

We live in a place that is defined by Alpine tradition. Whereas the mountain pastures are a fantastic experience for holiday guests from across the globe, they provide us with a source of inspiration. A piece of home, a model in terms of beauty, simplicity and function. Voglauer is synonymous with down-to-earth, potent design, with a unique "Alpinity" found nowhere else in this form.


Our furniture symbolises an attitude towards life: close to nature, down-to-earth and free.

What we share

Why separate what belongs together?

We as human beings have more in common with wood than you might think: we like to be on the sunny side. We stretch out towards the light. We visibly carry our experiences on the outside and are witnesses of time. We are strong and resilient and deeply rooted in nature.


We are all individuals and have a unique family tree – yet we are also closely intertwined with others. Is it any wonder that it feels so good to surround ourselves with wood?

What defines us

The fact that our wooden furniture is so beautiful is all down to the nature of the matter.

For us, working with wood is above all defined by our attitude: respect. For the strength it has needed to grow, for the individuality of each and every grain. And for the robustness of wood as a material.

Raw material

Wood is versatile. It breaths, it lives, it is scented, it insulates. It stores moisture and releases it again whenever necessary to provide a healthy indoor climate - and feels like nothing else in this world.

Being surrounded by wood creates an authentic feeling of living at home. Because wood from Voglauer is relaxation in the form of furniture.


Since 1932 ...

As a small carpentry, the three-man business is initially located in the Voglau mill house in the picturesque town of Abtenau in the Lammer Valley. From then on, the company grows.


... we are on the up and up.

And today too, Voglauer is still a family-run company – that continues to produce in its home town of Abtenau. And does so, in spite of a 75 per-cent export share. Voglauer is branching out in many different directions and remains dynamic.

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Our conscience is always clear.


For some, green management is buzzwords of the hour. For us, this is a life philosophy. We generate electricity from our own hydro-power as well as with our photovoltaic system and, benefiting from a special night ventilation system, we abstain from using any air-conditioning. We only use natural oils, water-based lacquers and stains and then recycle them, we can use 95 per cent of our waste timber for generating heat. To reduce CO2, we run our own shuttle buses for our staff. And last but not least, we ensure that the wood for all of our furniture comes from sustainably managed forests. Unlike other raw materials, naturally renewable wood will always be available. For every lovingly crafted designer piece in our customers' living rooms, a new tree is guaranteed to grow.


What sets us apart

Our wood can cope with every situation.

Over the decades, we have remained true to ourselves – and at the same time, following nature's example, we have evolved. We are honest and down-to-earth, our roots lie in the tradition of the Alps. And that is something we are proud of. And yet we have our finger on the pulse of time, as demonstrated by our modern product lines.


We combine purist style, urban extravagance and the down-to-earth nature of wood.


What we trust in

Nothing is as timeless as wood.

In the many decades in which we have been bringing furniture and people together, we have developed a natural instinct for aesthetic appeal, for homeliness and for the expectations of our customers. The fact that we give good ideas time to grow makes our decisions so level-headed. We never frantically follow a trend - on the contrary: we focus on wood and therefore on consistency and permanence. This is why our design lines are, above all, one thing: timeless. Across the globe, Voglauer represents the perfect interplay of modern design, Alpine ambience and sophisticated functions.


We never frantically follow a trend - on the contrary: we focus on wood and therefore on consistency and permanence. This is why our design lines are, above all, one thing: timeless.

What we are convinced of

Wood deserves to becaressed by fingers and worked by hand.

We love technology. It simplifies our life and our work. Voglauer is progressive and on the cutting edge in all aspects of production. However, the predominance of technology also means that people nowadays have much more contact with cold, lifeless things – such as smartphones and touch screens – than they do with nature.


What spurs us on

Anyone wanting to be successful and stay consistent only needs to look at a tree.

It continues to grow. If it needs to, it can adapt its shape. And even if storms shake it about, it stays where it is – until it comes into leaf again. This is the passage of time, the cycle of nature. We are all subject to that.


Deeply rooted.

Our way of thinking and doing things.

What we build on

Real craftsmanship never loses its significance.

As a raw material, wood is of inestimable value. And remaining true to yourself is always the right way.


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